A Theravada Buddhist School Lessons

Teacher: Prabhat Kumar

Date: 04/06/2016

Overview & Purpose

This School is Theravada Buddhism with a flavor of pure spiritualism. Includes practices, chants, kriyas which we can do daily in our day today lives. Bhikkhus in Sanghas have difficult kriyas for them.

Educational Suttas

  1. Learn basic teachings of Buddha
  2. Practice basic kriyas [for all (SarvaDhamma Pitaka)/for bhikkhus (SanghaSutta Pitaka)]
  3. Learn chants and attitudes.(four pillars of Vows)


  1. To attain Buddha consciousness.Salvation inside Buddha. Enlightenment inside Buddha.
  2. To build Buddha attitude in you, BLB&LLB, Be Like Buddha & Look like Buddha
  3. Nibbana through Buddha

Materials Needed

  1. Six flower pots/ vase with soil and real flowers/plants.
  2. A peaceful separate room with no upcoming disturbances. In Early morning before sunrise.
  3. A maroon dress like bhikkhus
  4. Buddhist chant book/your hieroglyphs notebook.
  5. BLB&LLB kits
  6. One day fast in a week (Thursday) No salt, no cooked food, yellow fruits.

5 perfections

Nature/Earth/Air tests your understanding so, you will need to

Bhikkhus have difficult kriyas for all the above 5 suttas.


Practices that will reinforce four pillars/Vows

Get up Early, Bring in six vase/pots,  prepare to avoid prospective disturbances, chant suttas while BLB,  do meditation, bow to Celestial Buddha, chant suttas again.

Four pillars/Vows…(Need to concentrate on these images)


Prabhat Kumar.

Father:Dr.Jagpati Prasad, Mother: Smt. Usha Sinha

Born. 23 March, 1977 in Patna, Bihar, India (In Hindu Family).

After divorce (2009) practiced meditation. Travelled to Bodh Gaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, Pawapuri in 2011, got inspiration and practiced meditation into Buddha for six lonely years. Fasted for 45 days(2012). Got Enlightenment/Nibbana through Buddh(2015). Returned back to normal life and now spreading my knowledge.

Present Address:

Flat 2, Fortune 12, Akurdi, Pradhikaran, Pune, Maharashtra, India. PIN: 411057

PH: +91 9527565518 / +91 9158739977

Email: Prabhat_mandirwar@yahoo.com